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About Leslie Bunder:

Since 1994, Leslie has worked in the digital media industry for leading organisations including: Teletext (technology and feature writer), InfoSpace (project manager) and BBC (broadcast journalist).

He currently works as a product manager for LCN in the UK and previously was market manager and product marketing manager for 1&1 in the UK and before that was a domain names product manager for Host Europe Group brands which included 123-reg.

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His other claim to fame is as a co-founder and director of JMT Ventures Limited, a leading UK-based online publisher of Jewish interest sites. These include: SomethingJewish, Daily Jews, SomeoneJewish,, and Jewtastic.

His areas of interests include: technology, internet marketing and internet businesses, travel and reviewing.

Outside of his work interests, Bunder takes a keen interest in creative writing.

Leslie is married to Caroline Westbrook and is the proud father of Emily Rebecca Lena Bunder who was born June 7 2006.

Caroline has also created a blog about Emily. Visit Only Little Babies Do That...

When not working on diverse community websites, Bunder enjoys travel, sushi, more internet related business, film and music. 

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